Esab Origo MIG L405 A/C Separate MIG Welder Package 415 V

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• 400Amp
• Air-cooled
• 415V
• Seperate feeder
• Robust and reliable
• Ideal for wire up to 1.2mm
• Great for thicker materials

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Esab Origo MIG L405 A/C Separate MIG Welder Package 415 V

The Esab L405 is an air-cooled 400Amp Mig Welder designed for medium-heavy duty MIG/MAG welding applications. This machine is a transformer style welder and is ideal for most applications including structural steelwork, sheet metalwork and general fabrication of thicker materials.

The transformer style machines are very robust and reliable and will operate efficiently in most welding environments. This older technology is in the process of being phased out and replaced with the newer design of inverter welding machines which include a modified transformer within their design.

The Esab L405 power source comes complete with L304 wire feed unit, 1.7m inter-conn and the Esab PSF 3m welding torch. The additional items required to complete the package are supplied separately which includes the earth lead, regulator and plug.

Features & Benefits

• 40 voltage steps (Origo™ Mig L405), optimum settings for each application.
• 4 wheel feed mechanism.
• 2/4 stroke simplifies welding.
• Wire dimensions up to 1.2mm.
• Adjustable burn back timer gives correct stick-out.
• Creep start, (L304) gradual feed of wire for ultimate starts.
• Spot welding (L304) for easy operation with pre-setting of the timer and equal lengths of the spots.
• Gas Purge and Inching (L304) no wastage wire or gas when initially setting up the equipment for welding or changing the wire spool.
• Two inductance outlets- easy to optimise settings for different applications.
• IP 23 – fit for safe out of doors applications.
• Easy-to-use control panel for quick set up.

Difference between an Electrical Inverter & Transformer?

Electrical transformers and inverters perform similar functions. Transformers increase or decrease alternating current (AC) electricity from one voltage level to another. Inverters take direct current (DC) electricity as their input and produce AC electricity as their output. Inverters normally include a modified transformer in their design.

Technical Data

• Mains voltage, V, Hz: 400/415, 3~ 50
• 230/400/415/500, 3~ 50
• 230/400/460, 3~ 60
• Permitted load at:
• 50% duty cycle, A/V: 400 / 34
• 60% duty cycle, A/V: 365 / 32
• 100% duty cycle, A/V: 280 / 28
• Setting range (DC), A/V: 50 / 16,5 – 400 / 34
• Open circuit voltage, V: 17-45
• Open circuit power, W: 360
• Power factor at maximum current: 0,98
• Efficiency at maximum current, %: 71
• Control voltage, V, Hz: 42, 50/60
• Dimensions lxwxh, mm: 812 x 552 x 925
• Weight, kg: 142
• Operating temperature, °C: -10 to +40
• Enclosure class: IP 23
• Application classification: S

We also sell a range of the Binzel EVO PRO Mig Torches which can be fitted to this Esab L405 mig welder.

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