Jasic MIG 350 Compact Air Cooled MIG Welder Package 415 V

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• Jasic
• MIG 350
• Compact Air Cooled
• MIG Welder Package
• 415 V
• Offers excellent welding characteristics

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Jasic MIG 350 Compact Air Cooled MIG Welder Package 415 V

The Jasic 352C is an air-cooled 350Amp mig welder designed for medium-duty welding applications. This machine is popular in most general fabrication workshops and delivers reliable performance for the most repetitive and demanding welding cycles. The machine also has the added optional functions to weld in MMA (Stick electrode) mode or even connect a spool gun for aluminium materials.

This machine is equipped with the latest technology including the powerful IGBT components, digital volt and amp meters plus a duty cycle of 40% at 350 amps, this makes it an exceptional choice for medium duty fabrication work. Its reliable performance enhances the scope of work that the welder can achieve. It also has a digital display on the front panel which makes setting your volts and amps much easier. As well as a 4 roll wire feed which ensures a much smoother feed.

The package comes complete with the inverter power source, air-cooled mig torch, earth lead, gas hose, argon regulator plus the operating instructions.

Its air cooling feature allows the welder to operate for a prolonged period by preventing the torch from becoming too hot, this makes the Jasic MIG 350 more user-friendly as well as safer and more convenient.

5-year warranty?

The Jasic machines come as standard with a 2 year warranty period. However, if you register online within 28 days you can extend the warranty period to 5 years.
1. Completion of the warranty extension details which may be submitted online
After 28 days you will be unable to extend the warranty period.
2. The warranty is subject to the equipment being maintained in accordance with the details shown in the instruction manual. It is recommended that any maintenance be carried by a suitably qualified and competent person.

Features & Benefits

• Multi-function compact MIG/MAG/MMA/Lift TIG
• Suitable for flux-cored
• Advanced control circuitry
• Digital A/V display
• 4 roll wire feed drive
• High duty cycle
• Suitable for 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2mm welding wire
• Stable and reliable arc with minimal spatter
• Burn back control
• Spool gun interface
• Wire inching feature
• VRD on MMA setting

Technical Data

Input Voltage: AC 400V – 50/60 Hz
Ieff (A): 13.7
Input Power (kVA): 15
Voltage Adjustment Range (V): 15 – 38
Current Range (A): 50 – 350
Duty Cycle @ 40°C: 350A @ 40%
No-Load Voltage (V): 62 (19V – VRD)
Wire Spool Size: ø 300mm
Efficiency (%): 85
Power Factor: 0.93
Protection/Insulation Class: IP21S/F
Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 900 x 450 x 755
Weight (Kg): 52

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