Jasic Pulse 350 A Seperate W/C MIG Welder Package 415 V

£6,300.00 Ex. VAT

• 350Amp
• Pulse Mig Welder
• Watercooled
• Smooth, spatter-free welds
• Wire diameters from 0.8mm – 1.6mm
• 4 roll wire feed unit
• Can weld at low amps

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Jasic Pulse 350Amp Separate Watercooled MIG Welder 415v

The Jasic 350P is a water-cooled 350Amp mig welder designed for medium-heavy duty welding and fabrication applications. This machine has the pulse function which enhances MIG/MAG welding by delivering a smooth, spatter-free weld finish on the metal material. With this machine, the pulse technology allows you to weld at low amps ranging from 50 – 150Amps which is unique to this pulse function and not achievable on a standard conventional Mig welder.

These machines are extremely reliable with the built-in self-diagnostic protection system. They are also equipped with powerful IGBT components and digital volt and amp meters. This Pulse multi-process welding machine offers the welder outstanding welding characteristics to assist with almost any welding task on hand.

The package comes complete with the inverter power source, trolley, 4 roll wire feed unit, 5mtr interconnecting cable, water-cooled, water-cooled mig torch, earth lead, gas hose, argon regulator plus the operating instructions.

Why choose a Pulse MIG/MAG Welder?

• Higher deposition rates in all positions can be achieved through Pulsed Mig where dip or spray transfer is not appropriate.
• Pulsing can extend spray operation below and through the natural transition (180-220A for 1-1.2mm mild steel wire) from dip to spray where globular transfer would normally occur.
• Delivers a smooth, spatter-free weld which is a huge benefit to the welder as they don’t need to clean off the material after the welding process is complete.
• Pulsed transfer is midway between spray transfer and the dip transfer mechanism, which can be too ‘cold’ (due to non-continuous arcing; the arc effectively ‘goes out’ between each melting cycle). This makes it ideal for welding thicker sections where more heat is needed but for which spray transfer is still too ‘hot’.

Features & Benefits

• IGBT multi-process Inverter
• Synergic MIG/MAG pulse, double pulse and DC MMA
• DSP digital technology for optimum welding performance
• 4 Roll wire feed unit
• Easy parameter settings for the operator
• Synergic curves for common materials & wires
• Self-diagnostic system
• Encoder feedback control of wire feed system
• Integrated water-cooling system
• Inverter trolley takes a full-size gas bottle

Technical Data

• Input voltage: 3-phase 400V±15% (50/60Hz)
• Recommended fuse capacity: 32A
• Rated output: 350A/34V
• Rated no-load voltage: 70V
• Rated no-load current: <1A
• Rated duty cycle (40℃): 60%
• Power factor: COSφ≥0.85
• Efficiency: η≥85%
• Insulation class: F
• Protection class: IP21S
• Welding current range: 10-350A
• Wire feed speed range: 1.0-18.0m/min
• Welding voltage range: 12.0-39.0V
• Torch connection: Euro type
• Maximum diameter of wire spool: S200/S300, 300mm
• Wire diameter: 0.8-1.6mm

We also stock a range of the mig welding wires including mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium grades.


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