Lorch i-LTG-2600-UD Air Cooled TIG Torch 4 m (WP26 Style)

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• Lorch
• i-LTG-2600-UD
• Air Cooled
• TIG Torch
• 4 m
• WP26 Style

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The Lorch WP26 style i-LTG 2600-UD water-cooled TIG Torch is switched and sheathed and comes with a durable torch head for welding in most applications. The ball joint found at the handle and the resilient leather flex hose package guarantee superior freedom of movement and ease of use.

It has an ergonomically designed handle recess for comfort when operating, as well as an optimised centre of gravity and contoured design to prevent torch movement when in use, this also reduces operator fatigue. Stability of the arc is also enhanced thanks to a decreased distance between controls on the torch allowing operation to be safer. Additionally, the elevated secondary button prevents unintended operation of the UpDown button.

This torch is ideal for welding up to 180 A on most materials including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Its water cooling feature allows for the torch to be used for extended periods of time without becoming too hot. It also benefits from other safety features including HeatProtect which offers thermal protection and safeguards the electronic control system from overheating. TorchProtect is also present to prevent the torch from being exposed to a current that exceeds its maximum, this reduces risk of overload.  Job memory is also featured on the torch, the TipTronic facility aids in simplicity of use by allowing the operator to save settings for a quick and easy weld.

A setting meticulously designed for left-handed people allows for the Mode button to be held down for 7 seconds in order to switch the display to a view more appropriate for them.

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