Maxphotonics X1W-1500 Fibre Laser Welder 4m x 4m Package 4

£35,700.00 Ex. VAT

• Package 4
• 4m x 4m Enclosure
• 2.0m Sliding Door
• Class-4 Safety Rated
• CCTV & Monitor Kit Included
• 230V, 1500W


Discover the revolutionary laser welding technology and its advantages for precision manufacturing. Explore Maxphotonics’ cutting-edge laser welding solution’s efficiency, versatility, and material compatibility, perfect for automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical device industries. Experience seamless production processes with this high-performance laser welder, designed to elevate your business across industries.

Precision and Accuracy:

The Maxphotonics handheld fibre laser welder offers unparalleled control and accuracy, ensuring flawless joins for intricate and delicate components. With minimized heat-affected zones, you can achieve precise welds for even the most complex parts, safeguarding adjacent materials.

Speed and Efficiency:

This efficient fibre laser welding system accelerates your production rates. Thanks to its rapid processing, quick setup,  and user-friendly interface you’ll experience unmatched efficiency, perfect for meeting high-volume demands and maximizing productivity.


Capable of handling various materials with ease. From common metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium to hard-facing metals & composites, laser welding caters to all industries.

Minimal Distortion:

Using a fibre laser welder offers fewer welding-related distortions with the precision-focused arc. Experience enhanced dimensional stability and maintain the integrity of your weld joints, ensuring consistent quality in every project.

Strength and Quality:

Laser welding technology delivers welds of exceptional strength and durability. Experience top-notch mechanical properties and enjoy the confidence of consistent results.

Non-contact Welding:

Unique to the laser welding process, you’ll minimize wear and tear on equipment and consumables, ensuring a longer lifespan for your investment, and reducing maintenance costs long-term.

Environmentally Friendly:

By generating less waste and consuming between 80 – 90% less energy when compared to other welding processes. Laser welding is an environmentally friendly and cheaper choice for manufacturing.

Streamlined Post-processing:

The laser welding process generates minimal weld spatter, as such the need for post-processing and surface finishing allows you to focus on meeting your production goals.

Health and Safety:

Laser welding has unique HSE standards compared with other forms of welding. As such we offer several packages for the Maxphotonics laser welding system that include class-4 enclosures of various sizes with CCTV monitoring kits, built in compliance with IEC 60825-4. Ensuring safety for both the operator and the workshop.

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We also offer the fibre laser welder power source as a standalone unit: Maxphotonics X1W-1500 Handheld Fibre Laser Welder

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