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Power Tools – Impact Driver vs Combi Drill

Today, more and more trade professionals and homeowners prefer using a cordless impact driver that offers more advantages compared to the regular combi hammer drill. Although, basically, an impact driver is a cordless drill which is fast and powerful, it works in a very different manner as compared to the combi hammer drill.

So, Which Is Better, Impact Driver or Combi Drill?

The key difference between an impact driver and combi drill is that in an impact driver, the impacting mechanism is not activated until the torque needed to drive is more than the torque produced by the motor itself. This is when the impact mechanism begins to work and the hammer which is attached to the motor begins to strike the anvil that is attached to the bit. The powerful and quick blows produce additional torque and this is what gives the impact driver its name. However, despite having a hammer system, in reality, impact drivers are not hammer drills. The bit moves in and out in the case of a hammer drill, whereas it does not move in an impact driver and the hammer action occurs within the tool itself.

Power and Torque

In general, impact drivers offer up to 3,000 BPM (blows per minute) at 0-2,500 RPM; however, the torque produced by the impact driver is quite impressive. While the larger models can produce over 150 Nm, smaller impact drivers offer 100 Nm of torque which makes the impact driver a very powerful and highly functional tool. On the other hand, a combi drill offers only around 50 Nm – 60 Nm of torque. Compared to a combi drill, the impact driver produces 3 times more torque.


Impact drivers do not produce any reactionary torque and hence, they can be operated safely with just one hand. And, the user does not have to handle any external forces like the combi drill, which makes the impact driver easier to control. Also, the impact driver is comparatively lightweight which means minimum stress on the hands, wrists and forearms. A big plus is that the battery life lasts much longer as the impact driver does not use additional power when the torque kicks in.


The impact driver is quite a powerful and a beast of a tool. It is ideal for use on a construction or work site or can also be used at home to drive in large-sized screws effortlessly. It is, however, not suitable for delicate jobs requiring finesse. And, if you want more precise control, then it is better to use a combi drill. The impact driver also comes only with a ¼-inch hex, which makes it difficult to fit the drill bits.

In short, the impact driver performs like a very fast drill offering a large amount of torque when the internal anvil or hammer system begins working. The impact driver is powerful and extremely fast; however, a power tool user’s kit is incomplete without a combi drill.

If you need any advice on which is better for you, contact us and speak to our sales team. We’d love to help.

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