2% Thoriated Tungsten Electrode (Red Tip) 2.4 mm

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• Pack of 10
• 2% Thoriated
• Tungsten Electrode
• 2.4mm
• Red Tip
• Suitable for TIG welding all steels (DC)

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2% Thoriated Tig Tungsten Red Tip

The 2% thoriated tungsten electrode contains circa 2% thorium and a minimum of 97% tungsten. This grade of tungsten conforms to AWS classification EWTh-2. The thorium content enhances the electron emission qualities of the electrode which in turn allows for a higher capacity of current to be carried plus helps the arc startup.

This tungsten electrode is used in the Tig Welding process and is the most used tungsten within the range of tungsten electrodes available. The red tip electrode operates far below its melting temperature which is a benefit as this achieves a considerably lower rate of consumption plus it controls the arc from wandering which gives more stability during the welding process. Lastly, they cause limited weld contamination compared with other tungsten’s which deposit more tungsten into the weld pool than the red tip.

Features & Benefits

• The 2% thoriated tungsten is primarily used for DC welding which includes mild steels, stainless steels, nickels and titanium materials.
• They can also be used for thin gauge aluminium welding on material less than 0.060 inches (speciality AC welding)
• The thorium is evenly dispersed throughout the electrode during the manufacturing process. This helps the tungsten maintain its sharpened edge which is the ideal electrode shape (after grinding) for welding thin steel.
• Be Aware: Thorium is radioactive and therefore you must always follow the manufacturer’s warnings, instructions, and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for its use.

What is a tungsten electrode?

Tungsten is a rare metallic element used for manufacturing gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) electrodes. The GTAW process relies on tungsten’s hardness and high-temperature resistance to carry the welding current to the arc. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal which is just over 3,400 degrees Celsius.
These tungsten electrodes are available in a variety of lengths and sizes and are composed of either pure tungsten or an alloy of tungsten and other rare-earth elements and oxides. Choosing an electrode for GTAW depends on the base material type and thickness and whether you weld with alternating current (AC for Aluminium) or direct current (DC for Mild & Stainless Steels).
It is also important to optimising the results and preventing contamination and rework by choosing the correct end preparation. These options include pointed, balled or truncated. Each electrode is colour-coded at the tip to eliminate confusion over its type.

As a welding and engineering supplies company, we would recommend that you use the Zirconiated White Tip Tungsten for the welding of aluminium.

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