316L Stainless Steel TIG Wire 1.6 mm 5 Kg

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• 316L
• 1.6mm
• 5kg
• Low carbon
• Suitable for welding most stainless steels

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The 316L grade of stainless steel alloy has excellent weldability due to its high corrosion resistance. This is mainly due to the added molybdenum within the austenitic stainless steel. The 316 alloy offers similar properties to that of the 304 alloy except the 316 grade is stronger at elevated temperatures. Both 304 & 316 alloys are the most commonly used stainless grades used in welding applications, in particular in the chemical and food processing industries.

The alloy is used for welding austenitic stainless alloys of 18% Cr – 8% Ni and 18% Cr – 10% Ni – 3% Mo-types. This product has good corrosion resistance particularly in acid and chlorinated environments. The low carbon content with the alloy enhances the product and it is generally recommended if there is a risk of intergranular corrosion.

Typical Wire Composition %

C: 0.01
Mn: 1.7
Si: 0.4
Ni: 12.0
Cr: 18.2
Mo: 2.6
N: 0.04
FN WRC-92: 7

Benefits of using 316L alloy?

  • Low carbon (L = Low carbon) content eliminates carbon precipitation in the welding process
  • Improved anti-corrosion scope due to added Molybdenum
  • Can be used in severe corrosive applications
  • Weld annealing only required in high-stress applications
  • Very similar to Grade 316 in chemical composition and mechanical properties

This grade of 316 tig welding wire is also available in 1.0mm, 2.4mm & 3.2mm.

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