751120 3M Speedglas 100V Black Welding Shield

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• 3M 751120
• Speedglas 100V
• Black Welding Shield
• Protect your eyes and face during welding applications
• Compatible with most 3M Disposable & Reusable Respirators

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The 751120 3M Speedglas 100V Black Welding Shield features the auto-darkening filter with three sensitivity settings, a delay function, and a light lock-in function. Offering superior face and eye protection. The lens offers an exceptional field of view for the operator which promotes safety in the workspace, measuring 45mm x 93mm.

It is an adjustable head suspension with a smooth ratchet mechanism that allows for precise tightening to enhance stability and maximum comfort. It has five adjustable dark shades of 8-12 and a delay function that sets the dark-to-light opening time. It is possible to lock-in the light state, e.g. when grinding and also ideal for occasional welders. As well as this, three different sensitivity levels can be selected to ensure a reliable arc detection. The helmet can be used alongside many reusable and maintenance-free respirators for welding.

Shields and helmets are more advantageous than goggles when welding as they provide additional protection to the face and neck. The Auto-darkening function also allows the user to see when they are not working as the lense only darkens in response to the welder producing light. The polarizing filter within the lens prevents harmful flashburn to the operator and they do not need to adjust the helmet whilst working which saves time and effort. These qualities of the 100v shield are extremely beneficial to the user as they contribute to an enhanced weld quality and result in a more comfortable welding experience.

Designed for most arc welding processes, including MMA, MIG/MAG, and high amp TIG welding applications. This welding helmet is compatible with most 3M disposable welding particulate respirators.

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