851475 Hypertherm PMX125 Consumable Kit

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• Hypertherm
• 851475
• Model: Powermax 125
• Pack Qty: 17 parts
• Consumable Kit

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The 851475 Hypertherm powermax 125 Consumable kit, is an ideal starter kit for the Plasma Cutter. Within the pack it comes complete with 17 parts, with all the range of consumable to go within the plasma torch. List below of the consumables within the Starter kit:

  • 220971 Electrode x 6
  • 420158 Nozzle x 1
  • 420169 Nozzle x 1
  • 220975 Nozzle x 4
  • 220976 Shield x 2
  • 420168 Shield x 1
  • 220977 Retaining Cap x 1
  • 220997 Swirl Ring x 1

Genuine Hypertherm consumables can be easily changed out making use of Hypertherm products extremely simple; Hypertherm consumables also have many other benefits. Service life is prolonged and cut quality is refined and maintained thanks to an optimal cooling system provided by TrueFlow™ that allows for centered electrode alignment with the water tube. Consumable life is also increased by Vented shield™ which is electrically isolated to stop double arcing, the vent holes surrounding the orifice stabilize the arc, cool the consumables and safegaurd them from spatter, this also enhances piercing capabilities. Likewise, advanced axial swirl ring allows the long vented nozzle with exposed vent holes and swirl ring to align near the tip of the electrode to ensure the correct amount of gas flow. SpringStart™ electrode technology guarantees improved consistency and reliability when starting, through elimination of moving parts within the torch. Conical Flow™ nozzle functionality improves arc energy density for optimized cut quality with lessened dross. Features including deep groove, angled o-ring seal and specific shoulder contant improve cooling of the nozzle, which is provided by CoolFlow™.

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