Binzel FES W3 Hepa Filter

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• HEPA H13
• Filter cartridge
• FES-200
• On-torch fume extraction
• Replacement HEPA H13 filter cartridge for Binzel FES-200 on-torch fume extraction unit.
• HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters trap 99.95% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger.
• The filter removes the welding fume particles from the absorbed air including harmful fumes from welding stainless steel materials.

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Binzel FES W3 Hepa Filter

The permanent HEPA H13 filter is located in the filter housing and removes the harmful welding fume particles from the absorbed air. The cleaned air is led back into the work area via the exhaust casing.

The fume extraction system is equipped with a safety device to monitor the minimum air volume flow to be extracted. A manometer is used for monitoring the point at which the minimum volume flow is reached is marked on the dial scale. If the manometer indicates a higher vacuum (>180 mbar), the filter must be cleaned.

If the minimum volume flow is not reached, the manometer indicates a high value and an acoustic signal sounds. The filter must be then cleaned with compressed air. During the dedusting procedure by rotation, the exhaust fume deposits are removed from the filter elements and the filter is refreshed. The separated dust is collected in the dust collecting drawer.

After longer operating times, the fine dust penetrates into the filter and the filter becomes clogged. Even a dedusting of the filter cannot remove this dust. The filter must be replaced by a new one.

Since the launch of the HSE bulletin in February 2019 for the control of mild steel welding fume, these W3 rated filters have been very popular in most welding and fabrication workshop environments. The control of the airborne hazardous fumes and dust is paramount to the welder’s good health and protection.

We also have a range of welding fume extraction arms from Kemper available for your workshop. We can also quote to install these if required.

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