Binzel RAB GRIP 36 HE Air Cooled Fume MIG Torch 5 m

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• Binzel
• Aircooled
• HE (High Efficiency)
• Duty cycle: 270 amps at 60%
• Robust, durable & flexible design
• Most suitable for heavy duty fabrication including structural steelwork
• Optimum accessibility by optional 45° or 60° torch neck bend
• Standard MB gas nozzles fit for increased ease of access
• Slider trigger allows the user to regulate the optimal air supply
• Available in other torch lengths including 3mtr & 4mtr

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RAB GRIP HE (High Efficiency)

Welding fume can represent a considerable health risk. Occupational safety experts recommend that it is filtered out of the air directly after generation at the source. Binzel have developed the new RAB GRIP HE (High Efficiency) which is characterised by good accessibility, high detection capability and robustness. RAB GRIP HE combines effective health protection with the best possible working conditions and is suitable for demanding industrial applications.

The torch is constructed from aluminum, rather than the traditional material of Steel which makes the torch more lightweight. As well as this, it has a decreased wall thickness of the extraction nozzle, this makes the torch more comfortable to use, particularly for longer periods.

Direct welding fume collection with a free view of the arc

To prevent welding gas and metal dust fumes from being inhaled or spreading in the workplace, welding fume should be extracted where it is generated: directly at the gas nozzle. The new RAB GRIP HE collects the waste air 37,7 mm resp. 45 mm downstream from the gas nozzle to ensure accessibility at the component, and to prevent the free view of the arc from being obstructed by an extraction nozzle. The RAB GRIP HE can collect the welding fume ideally even in difficult working positions due to the new gas nozzle geometry, cable assemblies, extraction hoses, and machine connection. Equipped with standard wear parts, the RAB GRIP HE offers ideal conditions for accessibility at the component as well as the simplest fitting with familiar wearing parts. The gas nozzle cooling is highly reliable and has long -life parts so less maintenance is required.

Stable protective gas shield in spite of extraction

There are inaccuracies that extraction affects the protective gas shield negatively and leads to formation of pores. After intensive field tests, metallographic investigations of the weldments have shown that the protective gas shield is not impaired during welding with RAB GRIP HE, and that porous welds are not produced even at work angles of 45°. However, if a reduction of the extraction volume becomes necessary in certain circumstances, this can be done simply by means of a slide on the handle.

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