Binzel RAB GRIP 501 HE Water Cooled Fume MIG Torch 5 m

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• Binzel
• Watercooled
• HE (High Efficiency)
• Duty cycle: 450 amps at 100%
• Robust, durable & flexible design
• Most suitable for heavy duty fabrication including structural steelwork
• Optimum accessibility by optional 45° or 60° torch neck bend
• Standard MB gas nozzles fit for increased ease of access
• Slider trigger allows the user to regulate the optimal air supply
• Available in other torch lengths including 3mtr & 4mtr

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Binzel RAB GRIP 501 HE Water Cooled Fume MIG Torch 5 m

The Bizel RAB GRIP 501 HE water-cooled mig torch has been designed for the general welding and fabrication industry where harmful gases and dust created during the welding processes need to be extracted safely from the surrounding environment. This heavy-duty ‘High-Efficiency’ fume extraction mig torch is characterised by its robustness, good accessibility and high detection capability for even the most demanding of industrial applications.

During the welding process, the metal dust fumes and welding gases are extracted directly from the source of where it is generated. This protects the workplace and controls the volume of hazardous particles within the air. The new RAB GRIP HE collects the waste air 37.7 mm resp. 45 mm downstream from the gas nozzle to ensure accessibility at the component, and to prevent the free view of the arc from being obstructed by an extraction nozzle. Due to the new design of the RAB GRIP HE includes the new gas nozzle geometry, cable assemblies, extraction hoses, and machine connection, this allows the welding fumes to be extracted even in difficult working positions. The accessibility and fitting of the consumables are also quick and simple for the operator.

These fume torches run in conjunction with the Binzel fume extractors including the FEC and FES systems. Since the launch of the HSE bulletin in February 2019 these torches and systems have been very popular for most welding and fabrication workshops where the control of mild steel welding fume is of prime importance.

The torch now has Bikox cables which contribute to its weight reduction making it more comfortable to work with.

Its water cooling property allows the torch to be used for longer periods of time and at higher temperatures. Water cooling systems are ideally suited to high duty cycle applications, like the Binzel RAB GRIP.

Features & Benefits

• New extraction nozzle geometry and enlarged flow diameter for the extraction of welding fumes even in difficult working positions without endangering the gas shielding
• Almost 10 % less weight compared to the previous version RAB GRIP HE
• Free-standing standard MB gas nozzle for accessibility similar to standard torches
• Robust design, long-life construction
• Reliable gas nozzle cooling – standard, long-life parts
• Optimum accessibility by optional 45° or 60° neck bend
• System solution for clean air in the production: RAB GRIP HE 2 together with the ABICOR BINZEL fume extraction units

Technical data (EN 60 974-7):

• Rating CO2: 500 Amp
• Rating Mixed gases M21*: 450 Amp
• DC (%): 100
• Wire Diameter (mm): 1.0 – 1.6

We also have a large range of Binzel mig welding spares for the standard MB15, MB25, MB36 & MB501 mig torches.

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