CR58S4 Navitek Air Fed Welding/Grinding Helmet

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• Navitek
• Air Fed
• Welding/Grinding Helmet
• CR58S4
• DIN 9 to DIN 13 variable shade
• Viewing area = 93cm x 43cm
• Clear grinding visor
• 4 arc sensors
• Side vision
• 2 airflows
• Particles filtration (PRSL)
• Clogged-filter alarm
• Low-battery alarm
• Storage bag

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The CR58S4 Navitek Airfed Welding/Grinding Helmet is a premium quality air fed welding helmet that is designed to protect the welder from the harmful fumes created during the welding processes. This flip-front air fed system comes complete with the large grinding visor which enables the welder to switch from welding to grinding without having to take the helmet off.

Since the HSE bulletin in early 2019, this range of air fed welding helmets has been very popular for all welder fabricators including structural steelwork, sheet metal work and general fabrication.

Features & benefits

  • Large clear grinding visor – This allows the welder to switch from welding to grinding without having to take the helmet off. The large clear visor protects the operators face from dust and debris created from grinding in the workshop environment. The welder can also see clearly around his own working area with a 180-degree view.
  • Perfect Protection – The forehead, ears and neck are protected safely due to the excellent ergonomics in the welding helmets design.
  • Side vision view – This allows the operator a 180-degree vision as he can view his surroundings out of either side of the welding helmet. This is very beneficial and avoids downtime for the operator.
  • Longitudinal headgear – The headgear has 4 settings including height, width, angle, and longitudinal adjustment which is for welders operating with corrective glasses. These features enhance the comfort of the headgear for the user.
  • 4 arc sensors – The operator can benefit from these sensors in all welding processes (MIG/MAG, TIG & MMA). The switching speed of 0.2ms is very fast and detects the welding arc quickly.
  • Step-less knobs – These are inside the welding helmet and allow the welder to select the welding shade (from DIN 9 to DIN 13), to adapt the sensitivity of the 4 arc sensors, and to adjust the delay according to the welding application.
  • Face seal – The face seal is a flame retardant material which guarantees a limited TH2 inward leakage inside the heap top. It is also bolted to the inside of the helmet.
  • Sound Alarm – The visual and sound alarm will inform the operator when to replace the filter. This is an important feature to ensure the welder is preserved from breathing in harmful fumes due to his filter in the PAPR unit not functioning properly.
  • Main filter – The main filter doesn’t have to be replaced after every shift due to its classification as ‘Re-usable’ (PRSL). To further prevent the life of this filter it can be blown out with compressed air. However, it is still recommended to change these as often as required to ensure the air supply is clean and fresh.
  • Pre-Filter – The pre-filter sits on top of the PRSL main filter and is designed to block the large particles. This is turn extended the life of the main filter. You can also buy the active charcoals pre-filter as an alternative option.
  • Approvals – The Airkos blower unit (PAPR) is approved and certified according to the EN 12941 standard, with and only with the Navitek head top.

We also stock a range of the standard Navitek Airfed helmet consumables including lens, filters, sweatband and the batteries.

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