ESAB OK 4043 Aluminium TIG Rods 2.4 mm 2.5 Kg

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• 4043
• 2.4mm
• 5% Silicon content
• Bright finish
• Improved fluidity

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The Esab OK Autrod 4043 aluminium tig wire has a 5% silicon content which makes it very popular for most type of aluminium tig welding applications. This product is typically used due to its improved fluidity (wetting action) and non-sensitivity to weld cracking.

This alloy produces bright and clean welds which leave a great finish to the welded materials. The product is not recommended for anodizing plus is non-heat-treatable. The excellent flow characteristics and penetration enables the alloy to be used for Duralumin, Cast (LM25) and wrought alloys 6063 (H9), plus 6061 (H20).

Typical Wire Composition %

Mn: 0.01
Si: 5.00
Al: Rem
Cu: 0.02
Ti: 0.01
Fe: 0.14
Zn: 0.01

Should I use 5356 or 4043 aluminium filler alloy ?

• Colour Match – 5356 will provide a much closer match afternoon anodizing. Whereas, 4043 will normally a dark grey in colour after post-weld anodizing.
• Temperature Range – 5356 is not suited to service temperatures above 65°C. However, 4043 can you used in applications exceeding this temperature.
• Ductility – 4043 has lower ductility than that of 5356. This may be of some consideration if forming after welding is to be carried out.
• Shear Strength – 4043 has lower shear strength than that of 5356. This may be of consideration when calculating the size of fillet welds.
• Alloy Strength – 5356 is a harder alloy due to its magnesium content and therefore more durable and often feeds better than 4043 specifically in MIG/MAG processes.
• Crack Sensitivity – 4043 has the benefits of producing welds with smoother surfaces, less spatter and improved cosmetic appearance. It also provides a slightly lower crack sensitivity than 5356.

We also offer a range of the white tip Zirconiated Tungstens for aluminium tig welding applications.

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