F-Tech 400Amp Air Cooled Fume Extraction Torch 4 m

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• F-Tech
• Duty Cycle: 60%
• Air cooled
• Rating: 400 A CO2 / 300 A Mixed Gases
• Extraction Rate: 70m3/h
• Wire Ø: 0.8mm – 1.6mm
• Robust, durable & flexible design
• Most suitable for heavy duty fabrication including structural steelwork
• Lightweight and well balanced design for user comfort
• Available in other torch lengths including 3mtr & 5mtr

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Welding fume can represent a considerable health risk. Occupational safety experts recommend that it is filtered out of the air directly after generation at the source. Wilkinson Star has developed the new F-Tech fume extraction torch which is characterised by good accessibility, high detection capability and robustness. F-Tech combines effective health protection with the best possible working conditions and is suitable for demanding industrial applications.

The F-Tech fume welding torches feature the reduced weight cable assembly, for even better handling and scientifically proven reduced operator fatigue, in all welding positions. Improved handling and reduced strain have further been shown to have a measurable impact on weld seam quality. It is suitable for welding wire ranging from 0.8mm to 1.6mm.

This torch allows for direct extraction at the arc, with an extraction rate of 70m³/h, by having a simple extraction control at the front of the handle. It is also lightweight with a well balanced design to make operation more comfortable. It is very durable thanks to its air cooling feature allowing for optimal torch cooling. On torch extraction provides more flexibility and efficiency compared to mobile local exhaust ventilation as the user can weld continuously without having to stop to adjust an exhaust arm.

The F-Tech torches are available as air-cooled and water-cooled and they are offered in 3m, 4m and 5m torch lengths- this particular torch is air-cooled with a 4m torch length.

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