Flaig MBX 7 Pair – Magnetic Clamping Blocks

£428.00 Ex. VAT

• Two MBX 7 Blocks
• 7 kN Holding Force
• 71 x 178 x 64 mm

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The MBX magnetic clamping blocks feature opposing clamping sides activated by a simple 90° turn of the removable switching key. 

With a strong holding force of 7 kN, the MBX 7 is designed to securely clamp workpieces on steel surfaces like machine vices or assembly/welding tables, often used in conjunction with Siegmund welding tables.

Thanks to its two differently shaped clamping sides, the MBX ensures a secure hold on nearly any workpiece, regardless of its geometry. Similar in design to the Flaig FX series of lifting magnets, the surfaces of the MBX magnetic clamping blocks are fully nickel-plated for durability.

The versatility of the MBX magnetic clamping blocks extends to its ability to connect together several units via the internal hexagon of the indexing shaft, enabling the secure fastening of larger workpieces. 

Whether clamping round material, sheet metal, or profiles, for tasks such as drilling, deburring, welding and thread cutting. The MBX magnetic clamping blocks offers quick, flexible, and interference-free use.


For all magnetic clamping and lifting solutions, the full range of Flaig lifting magnets is available in the current catalogue.

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