Lincoln Pantafix 6013 Mild Steel Electrodes 3.2 mm 4.4 Kg

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• 6013
• 3.2mm
• 4.4kg
• Ideal for all-positional MMA welding
• Smooth welds
• Quiet arc
• Medium penetration
• AWS A5.1 E6013

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Lincoln Pantafix 6013 Mild Steel Electrodes 3.2 mm 4.4 Kg

The Lincoln Pantafix 6013 range of electrodes are very popular for most general MMA stick welding applications of mild steel materials including pipe welding and construction. This rutile electrode can be used in most positions and provide a very stable arc and smooth weld finish which benefits the operator in all situations including whilst welding on-site.

E6013 electrodes contain potassium covering and can be run under both DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current). DC is the most popular form of MMA stick welding as the constant current supports the welder should they have an unsteady hand. During the welding process and combustion, the flux coating from the electrode mainly creates carbon dioxide.

Within the world of welding electrodes, the E6013 grade is the most widely used. This rutile electrode creates minimal cleaning after the welding process due to a large amount of self-releasing slag. This electrode, with its quiet arc, medium penetration into the material and little spatter released is a great all-round for most welder fabrications using the MMA process. The soft arc supports the welding of thinner plates and bridging wide gaps.

However, for applications where high toughness is required (ie. Structural steelwork etc), this electrode should not be used.


• AWS A5.1 E6013
• A-Nr 1
• ISO 2560-A E 38 0 RC 1 1
• F-Nr 2
• 9606 FM 1
Chemical Composition (W%), Typical, All Weld Metal
• C: 0.09
• Mn: 0.5
• Si: 0.4

Examples of Materials to be Welded

Steel grades(Code) / Type

General structural steels
EN 10025 / S185, S235, S275

Ship plates
ASTM A 131 / Grade A, B, D

Cast steels
EN 10213-2 / GP240R

Pipe material
EN 10208-1 / L210, L240, L290
EN 10208-2 / L240, L290
API 5LX / X42, X46
EN 10216-1/EN10217-1 / P235, P275

Boiler & pressure vessel steels
EN 10028-2 / P235, P265, P295

Fine-grained steels
EN 10025 part 3 / S275
EN 10025 part 4 / S275

Should you need any MMA accessories, we have a range of Arc Welding Clamps and Electrode Holders available.

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