Miller MigMatic S400i Mig Welder Aircooled RTW Package

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• 3-Year Warranty
• S400i Synergic
• Air-Cooled
• Separate wire feeder

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Miller MigMatic S400i Synergic Separate Feeder Mig Welder is robust and has been approved for heavy-duty welding, suitable for welding in any environment. It has a unique 4-roll drive system for straightforward wire feeding and is designed for increased productivity thanks to its re-call feature of up to 4 pre-set programmes.

It is designed for use in various applications including general industrial fabrication, construction, railcars, mobile machinery and shipbuilding. The MigMatic has full synergic pulse lines for all common wire or gas combinations with pre-sets of Start/Stop parameters to enhance the welding result.

Its water-cooling property allows the S400i to operate for a prolonged period at higher temperatures. The Fan-On-Demand feature is also energy efficient by operating only when needed, this reduces the quantity of contaminants pulled through the machine and decreases the operating noise and overall energy use.

The Welder also has wind tunnel technology that protects the electrical components and PC boards from dirt and debris, this significantly extends the working life of the machine and amplifies its reliability and performance.

The simple and easy to use MigMatic interface allows for a smooth process, it also has four different trigger options including 2T, 4T, Miller 4TS and Stitch. The Miller 4TS trigger function which offers hot start or cold start from the torch trigger. It is compatible with Push/ Pull torches.

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