Siegmund System 16 Rotating Table Portable Ø 1000mm

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• 16mm Borehole
• Boreholes in 50×50 Grid
• Ø 1000mm
• Through-hardened tool steel X8.7
• Plasma Nitrided
• BAR Coated
• Casters
• DM164210.X7

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System 16 Rotating Table Portable

The Siegmund System 16 Rotating Table has an adjustable height ranging from 780mm to 1100mm which can be locked into position by a side locking lever. The working height is infinitely variable making it adaptable and easy to use for various applications. The rotating table allows for 360 degree handling providing easy access to all sides of the workpiece, this makes it the perfect ergonomic and space saving addition to the workplace.

The steel constructed basic frame is powder-coated and can be pre-assembled upon collection or delivery with customers only needing to install the table top. It has sturdy castors with locking breaks which gives it a maximum load capacity of 1000kg, which is the same as the static version.

Through-hardened tool steel X8.7 Perforated plate

The worksurface has boreholes measuring 16mm in diameter. It is a perforated plate which provides durability and longevity. It is made of through-hardened tool steel X8.7 Premium Light of which Siegmund is the only manufacturer offering this as a standard feature. The premium steel can withstand extremely high workloads and has an impressively high resistance against stroke impact. The steel offers immense levelness and even surface finish which makes using it much easier; retention of this flatness lasts many years which increases long-term savings. Through-hardened tool steel is much harder and more resilient than standard steel.

The perforated plate is plasma nitrided and BAR-coated; plasma nitration is an unmatched surface hardening and tempering treatment that Siegmund perform. The thermo-chemical procedure of plasma nitration results in more wear-free, corrosion-resistant and durable surfaces. This is a very profitable way of enhancing durability and increasing the life span by over double! The clamping force of the bolt will also substantially increase and the loadability of the table will increase by 20-30%. The basic hardness is approximately 280-340 Vickers and the surface hardness is approximately 450-850 Vickers.

Technical specifications

Height- 780 mm – 1100 mm
Weight- 142 kg
Diameter- 1000 mm
Borehole diameter- 16 mm
Boreholes on the surface- 50 x 50 mm grid
Material thickness- approx. 11.5 – 13 mm

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