Standard Cutter 14 mm

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• Standard Cutter
• 14mm
• 6mmø internal bore
• Cutting depth is 25mm
• For use with the 6mmø Short Pilot Pin (503-100)
• Maximum tensile strength < 900N/mm²
• Ideal for mild & structural steel
• Will fit most Mag Drilling machines

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The Rotabroach 14mm standard cutter is manufactured from M2AL material and is heat treated to a high temperature which results in a greater hardness of cutter. This design ensures that the cutter is more durable, cuts faster and gives a very accurate finished hole than any other annular cutter.

The M2AL Rotabroach raptor cutters have a unique geometry which means they are ideal for cutting in mild and structural steelwork applications and the stability of the cut is increased. It offers efficient cutting angles for comprehensive use in a variety of steel material. The standard cutter will cut up to 25mm in depth with a maximum tensile strength of < 900N/mm².

The raptor cutters have new features and benefits that allow for an accurate and symmetrical cutting ability with improved removal of chips. It also has a reduced cutting force and friction between the HSS core drill and the material, which saves both time and energy when cutting. The Rotabroach raptor cutter is ideal for magnetic drilling and can be used in fabrication and construction as well as other applications when drilling ferrous metal.

The raptor cutters are annular cutters intended for use on piping and tubing or other material requiring a fine finish hole cut. Annular cutters are much more efficient and precise than the regular twist drills or drill bits.

A low vibration cutting edge provides stable free cutting action which reduces tool ware. The raptor cutter cuts 3 times quicker than a conventional twist drill and produces a high quality, burr free hole.

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