Universal Robots UR30 Cobot Arm

£42,996.00 Ex. VAT

• 1300 mm Reach
• 30 kg Payload
• Ø 245 mm Footprint
• 63.5 kg Weight
• Incl. Teach Pendant

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The global leader in automation. Universal Robots provide the solution to the ever-increasing demands for labour in industry.

Universal Robots UR30 Robotic Arm

The UR30 offers the largest payload in the Universal Robots range. Simple to set up and program, the UR30 is used across a diverse range of industries. Easily automating repetitive tasks such as; welding, material removal, machine tending, assembly, and palletising.

With its compact size, the UR30 claims a massive payload of 30 kg with the same 1300 mm reach as a UR10e, making it a versatile asset that integrates seamlessly into all stages of production. Compatible with various UR+ components, including force-sensitive grippers, welding torches and sanding discs. The Cobot arm adapts to suit your demands.

A UR collaborative robot’s built-in safety features are what ultimately enable the cobot to occupy the same workspace as a person. Force-sensing technology, collision detection, and virtual safety panes – preventing the robot from moving beyond a designated space are just some of the unique features that increase productivity whilst guaranteeing a safe environment for all.

Rising energy costs, and other expenses in recent years have proved a barrier to entry for large-scale automation. To get around this, Universal Robots are very energy efficient. The UR30 for example has an average consumption of 300 W (the same as a household blender). Keeping costs low and productivity high.

Technical Specifications 

UR30 technical data sheet download.


Every purchase of a Universal Robots cobot arm comes bundled with the following essential components:

  • Robotic Arm
  • Teach Pendant
  • Control Box
  • Power cables
  • UR Care support


Teach Pendant

The UR teach pendant, is pre-loaded with the open-source PolyScope software. The leading cobot software since the invention of collaborative robots.

Simple to learn and use but with even depth for skilled operators to truly get the most out of their cobots. Free online e-Learning is available for all UR customers, perfect for those new to automation and robotics. Through the PolyScope software, the centre of gravity of the Cobot can be offset when required to lift heavy objects over the full reach of the Cobot.

Control Box

Made from a robust steel exterior but still lightweight (12 kg) the UR control box can withstand any environment. Acting as an efficient central location for power, safety features, and communications for the Cobot system.

UR Care Support

Included with all cobot purchases, UR Care comprises various essential resources to get the most out of your new UR30, such as the “myUR” support portal for repairs, spares, software updates and access to the UR Academy free e-learning.

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For specific operations with a UR30 collaborative robot. We offer a fully turnkey welding cell solution in combination with a Siegmund welding table and Siegmund welding cell.


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