Electac MT800ni Portable Fume Extractor, 3.75 m Hose, 110 V

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• Weight: 19 kg
• Voltage: 110v
• Motor(s): 1100 watt
• Dimensions: 790 x 255 x 400mm
• Hose supplied as standard: 3.75m x 45mm dia.
• Airflow with standard hose: 195 m3/hour @ 400mm WG
• Filter efficiency (standard filter pt. no. 1009): 99% to 10 um
• Filter efficiency (high-efficiency pt. no. 1010): 99.996% to BS 3928
• Capture nozzle with magnet (not included): SKU 185-1028

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The Electac MT800ni fume extractor is designed for use with the extraction of welding fume and dust particles. This machine is ideal for all workshop applications due to its portability and robustness.

Since the HSE bulletin launched in early 2019 (further info. below), these portable welding fume extractors have been very popular for all welder fabricators including structural steelwork, sheet metal work and general fabrication. These units are also available in 110v which works well for on-site applications.

Features & Benefits

Built-in spark arrestor – This prevents the ignition of explosive particles sucked into the fume extractor.
Choice of filters – The MT800ni extractor can be fitted with either the standard or high-efficiency main filter. Either filter can be used during the welding process as they both comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (1988), as long as the capture nozzle is placed correctly.
– The normal filter cartridge is 99% efficient to 10μm for all particulate that enters the machine. This filter has a great capacity and is perfect for most welding applications.
– The Hi-efficiency cartridge is 99.996% efficient to B.S. 3928. This filter is can be used for standard mild steel welding fume, but it is mainly recommended for processes containing highly toxic substances.
Capture nozzle – The fantail capture nozzle has a magnetic base which holds it in place on the workpiece. This allows the operator to easily move the nozzle around the workpiece to ensure maximum capture of the welding fumes.
Bye pass motors – The cooling air is separate from suction from fume source.
Built-in filter full indicator – Senses pressure in front & behind the main filter cartridge.
Voltage – Available as either 115 or 230/240 volt 50 or 60 Hz.


Change in Enforcement Expectations for Mild Steel Welding Fume

• HSE Bulletin: STSU1-2019 (all details below from HSE website)
• Issue Date: February 2019
• Target Audience: All workers, employers, self-employed, contractors’ and any others who undertake welding activities, including mild steel, in any industry.
• One of the Key Issues: All businesses undertaking welding activities should ensure effective engineering controls are provided and correctly used to control fume arising from those welding activities.

There is new scientific evidence from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that exposure to mild steel welding fume can cause lung cancer and possibly kidney cancer in humans. The Workplace Health Expert Committee has endorsed the reclassification of mild steel welding fume as a human carcinogen.

With immediate effect, there is a strengthening of HSE’s enforcement expectation for all welding fume, including mild steel welding; because general ventilation does not achieve the necessary control.

Action required:
1. Make sure exposure to any welding fume released is adequately controlled using engineering controls (typically LEV).
2. Make sure suitable controls are provided for all welding activities, irrelevant of duration. This includes welding outdoors.
3. Where engineering controls alone cannot control exposure, then adequate and suitable RPE should be provided to control risk from any residual fume.
4. Make sure all engineering controls are correctly used, suitably maintained and are subject to thorough examination and test where required.
5. Make sure any RPE is subject to an RPE programme. An RPE programme encapsulates all the elements of RPE use you need to ensure that your RPE is effective in protecting the wearer.

We also sell a range of  Electac Filters compatible with the MT800 fume extractor.

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