Ferrod 160T E7024 Iron Powder Electrodes 3.2 mm 5.4 Kg

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• Ferrod
• 160T E7024
• 3.2 mm
• Iron Powder Electrode
• 5.4 Kg

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Ferrod 160T E7024 Iron Powder Electrodes 3.2 mm 5.4 Kg

The Lincoln Ferrod 160T 7024 range of electrodes are generally used is all MMA stick welding applications where high welding speed is required. The E7024 grade is also known as an iron powder electrode which is ideal for making fillet welds in all flat and horizontal positions.

E7024 electrodes are characterised by a smooth quiet arc with low arc penetration which produces minimal amounts of spatter during the welding process. These electrodes have a very good slag release for laying large beads of weld quickly.

This 4.0mm electrode is ideal for medium-heavier duty welding applications where a thicker steel plate is being welded together. The other diameters available include 3.2mm for most general MMA tasks and the 2.5mm diameter for lightweight work. This high recovery electrode is designed for increased penetration with minimal root porosity. During the welding process, over welding is eliminated as this electrode deposits an equal fillet weld which is a very efficient way to weld.

To ensure consist performance of these electrodes, the quality of the weld relies upon the product being stored correctly. If the electrode is damp, cracked or chipped this will show in the finished weld and likely need to be re-welded with a workable electrode. The flux coating assists with maximising the permissible welding current level.

Features & Benefits

• High deposition rates for high-speed welding applications
• Best suited for horizontal and down hand welding
• Eliminates over welding due to equal fillets deposited
• Excellent bead appearance and self-cleaning slag
• Useful for increased penetration with minimal root porosity
• Mainly used in the construction of ships, barges and construction equipment
• High recovery (160% for 3.2 mm and 4.0 mm electrodes, and 180% for 5.0 mm electrodes)
• AWS A5.1 E7024
• A-Nr 1
• ISO 2560-A E 42 0 RR 7 3
• F-Nr 1
• 9606 FM 1

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