Siegmund System 28 Tool Set 1

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• To Suit Siegmund System 28
• Tool Set 1
• Contains 32 Pieces
• Includes Clamps, Bolts, Stops etc.
• Free Protection and Cleaning Kit
• 4-283100

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Tool Set 1 (4-283100) for the Siegmund System 28 range of welding tables.

Included in this set is an assortment of fundamental Siegmund clamps and tooling for those looking to get the most out of the heavy-duty capabilities of the system 28 welding tables.

Included in the System 28 Set 1 are:

  • 4 nitrided clamps (280610.N)
  • 2 nitrided rotational clamps (280630.N)
  • 2 nitrided prisms (280648.1.N)
  • 12 burnished bolts (280511)
  • 4 (150mm) nitrided stops (280410.N)
  • 4 (225mm) nitrided stops (280420.N)
  • 2 (175mm) nitrided squares (280110.N)
  • 2 (300mm) nitrided squares (280152.N)

Also included for free with the purchase of every tooling set is a collection of protective & cleaning accessories for the welding table.

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