Siegmund System 28 Extreme 8.8 + Welding Table 2400x1200x300

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• 28mm Borehole
• Boreholes in a diagonal grid
• Size 2400 x 1200 mm
• Plasma Nitration
• BAR Coating
• Modular
• 280030.XD8PL

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The Siegmund System 28 welding tables are the largest and most popular tables that Siegmund provide. Manufactured with the purpose of heavy-duty fabrication in mind, the 27mm thick reinforced steel work top is built to withstand the toughest tasks.

Ranging from the System 28 Basic for a more economical entry point into the system to the top of the range and bestselling Extreme 8.8 Plus. Made with wholly unique, through-hardened tool steel alloy known as Siegmund X8.

With each table having boreholes of 28mmØ across the work surface and side panels all the toolboxes, stops, clamps and accessories are compatible with the other welding tables in the System 28 range.

The boreholes on the work surface are in a 100 x 100 grid on the Basic & Professional 750 tables and a diagonal grid on the Basic 8.7, Extreme 8.7 & Extreme 8.8+ with 1mm scaling along the perimeter of the tables from the Professional 750 upwards.

All the welding tables in the System 28 range are available with or without plasma nitration but it is recommended to opt for nitration as it massively increases the lifespan of the table as well as the surface hardness, resistance to impacts, scratches, welding spatter and corrosion.

All System 28 welding tables are available with a diverse range of alternative legs. If you’d prefer legs on lockable castors for easier movement, legs with adjustable heights or floor mounted for maximum strength and stability.

Siegmund Welding Tables are available to order with a wide range of tool sets and accessories including clamps, vices, prisms, bolts, squares, stops, and supports

View the full range of Siegmund Accessories and Siegmund tool sets compatible with the System 28

If you believe that the System 28 is in excess of your needs, have a look at the System 16 for fine detail applications. Alternatively, there is the System 22, a slight step down from the System 28 but still robust enough for most applications.

Siegmund Welding Table

Siegmund System 28 Extreme 8.8 + welding tables are manufactured of through-hardened tool steel special alloy (Siegmund 8.8) and additionally plasma-nitrided and coated. The best welding table made by Siegmund with no job too great to handle, its no surprise it is also the most popular choice. Dimensions of this System 28 welding table are 2400mm x 1200mm (Range available from 1200mm x 1200mm to 4000mm x 2000mm) with a bearing load of 6000kg based on 4 legs with an even load distribution.

This table is available with height-adjustable legs (750 – 1200mm) & castors. Note: Siegmund welding tables are designed to be modular and we can supply these with a wide range of clamps, tools and accessories as well as fixed and adjustable table legs with different weight capacities. If you’re looking for a custom setup, please contact the sales team on 01432 346190 or send an email to

Technical Information

Borehole Ø 28 mm
Boreholes in a Diagonal Grid
Borehole Spacing of table side 3 rows of 50mm spacing, 2 rows of 100mm spacing
Height of table side 300mm
Material thickness approx. 24.5 – 27 mm


Siegmund welding tables come with a wide range of accessories including clamps, bolts, squares, stops, vices, prisms and supports. For the full range of Siegmund products we supply including all table sizes and accessories, please view the product range PDF here.

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