Siegmund System 28 Workstation 1200 x 800 incl. 2 drawers

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• 28mm Borehole
• Boreholes in 100×100 Grid
• Size 1200 x 800mm
• Premium light Perforated plate
• Plasma Nitration
• BAR Coating
• Other Variants Available
• 284003

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System 28 Workstation

The System 28 Workstation is the perfect addition to your workspace by adapting and expanding to meet an individuals needs. It is incredibly versatile for use when welding, sawing or drilling for work on both wood and metal. The 28mm borehole system enhances precision when clamping and placement of work materials.

Through-hardened tool steel X8.7 Perforated plate

A perforated plate is fixed for durability and longevity of the work surface. It is made of  Premium Light through-hardened tool steel X8.7 of which Siegmund is the only manufacturer offering this as a standard feature. The premium steel can withstand extremely high workloads and has an impressively high resistance against impact. The steel offers immense levelness and even surface finish guaranteeing accurate, repeatable work.

The perforated plate is plasma nitrided and BAR-coated ; plasma nitration is an unmatched surface hardening and tempering treatment that Siegmund perform. The thermo-chemical procedure of plasma nitration results in more wear-free, corrosion-resistant and durable surfaces. This is a very profitable way of enhancing durability and increasing the life span by over double! The clamping force of the bolt will also substantially increase and the maximum load of the table surface will increase by approximately 20-30%.

The workstation promotes cleanliness with the addition of two plates beneath the perforated plate that protect the tools from dirt and weld spatter, these plates can be easily removed, for cleaning.

Mobility of the Siegmund workspace thanks to the combined leg and optional castor provide flexibility of the workstation. The base plates have fine adjustment to enable a precise work surface.
Features including a toolwall, clamp holder and a bolt and prism holder have been cleverly fitted to allow ease of use, clarity and order by providing plenty of room to work with accessories. Two drawers are included in this workstation, they are a heavy duty steel so tools can be stored below the workspace to increase efficiency and ease of access to tools when operating at the workstation.

Technical Specifications

Length- 1200 mm
Width- 800 mm
Height- 850 mm
Weight- 187 kg
Borehole diameter- 28mm
Boreholes on the surface- 100 x 100mm grid
Material thickness- 15mm approx.

The System 28 Workstation includes:

1x 004002 (Siegmund Workstation)
1x 804004.X7 (Perforated plate)
1x 284030 (Clamp holder)
1x 004020 (Shelf)
1x 284035 (Bolt and prism holder)
1x 004025 (Toolwall incl. Shelf)
2x 004230.WS (Drawer)

For clamping with 280511 bolts Spacer Ring 800653.N is required.

View the full list of Siegmund tool sets and accessories compatible with the System 28 workstation.

If you believe that the System 28 is in excess of your needs, have a look at the System 16 for fine detail application. Alternatively, there is the System 22, a slight step down from the System 28 but still robust enough for most applications.

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